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A Leader in Enduring Partnerships

During our 25-year history, our stable, tenured team has built a culture of alignment in which we work side by side with management teams to build successful businesses by accelerating growth and establishing enduring strategic value.


A reliable approach, deep sector knowledge, and prudent planning enable us to repeatedly identify and capitalize on growth opportunities.


We communicate openly with our partners, creating an active, ongoing exchange in which we frequently challenge one another.


We take full responsibility for our actions and decisions, and constantly assess and pursue opportunities for improvement.


We create an environment of mentorship and creativity where team members learn from one another, leading to exciting new ideas.


At all levels, everyone on our team is involved and invested in learning from our partners and working with them to achieve shared success.


We value the trust our partners place in us and conducting our business according to the highest standards.

Your Win Is Our Win

We enter a partnership seeking cultural, strategic and economic alignment with management. Together, we build a long-term plan and execute with a goal of success for all parties.


Our partnerships are built on confidence in one another and trust that we can work through challenges as a unified team.


We share an aspiration for market leadership that culminates in a roadmap we develop together.


We adapt to your needs by providing tailored support across business functions.

Shared Success

Through dedication to these pillars of partnership, we focus on helping you achieve your long-term goals. Like we said, your win really is our win.

“Our partnership with Odyssey began even before they acquired the business – during the due diligence process – and on day one we were off to the races on execution. Odyssey’s investments in our team, our technology, our business processes, and our M&A capabilities have accelerated our growth trajectory. We appreciate their long-term approach to building enduring businesses.”

— Daniel Nettesheim, CEO, Levata

“Odyssey’s deep industry experience was invaluable as we worked together to develop our company’s roadmap for the next five years. Their team understood what we do well, the competitive landscape, major industry trends and the steps we needed to take to unlock our full growth potential.”

— Joe Milot, Executive Chairman & Former CEO, PIP

“When working through a business transformation, complexities can arise that require “outside of the box thinking” to navigate those challenges and develop a path forward. Odyssey’s talented team is always available to listen and collaborate with us to identify solutions, tools, and resources to tackle any issue. Their resources and approach have enabled us to take the next steps in our evolution with the confidence that comes from true teamwork and support.”

— Mike Stomberg, CEO, ProPharma Group

Our Strategy

Every journey begins with a shared vision.

As experienced investors, we know the key to repeatable success is absolute alignment with management from the very beginning. It begins with a roadmap we develop together and execute to transform middle-market companies into industry leaders.

Our Team

Team Dynamics

We are strong proponents of culture, both at Odyssey and at our portfolio companies. We pride ourselves on establishing entrepreneurial environments built on open communication.

Interested in partnering with Odyssey?

We actively seek to grow our network and establish new strategic partnerships. Join our integrated network to take the next step in a shared growth journey.

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