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TrialCard Continues Growth Trend with Acquisition of RxSolutions

MORRISVILLE, NC—TrialCard Incorporated, an industry leader in access, affordability, adherence, and engagement solutions for patients and healthcare providers, today announced the acquisition of RxSolutions, a company that specializes in customized pharmaceutical reimbursement programs for both commercial and clinical supply professionals.

In addition to traditional pharmaceutical co-pay programs, RxSolutions has introduced the RxStudy Card™, a revolutionary way to streamline supply management for pharmaceutical manufacturers conducting clinical trials. The RxStudy Card saves the sponsor one-third or more of the cost of open-label study components by allowing patients to obtain unblinded medications and supplies at trusted retail and specialty pharmacies.

The acquisition will fortify TrialCard’s presence within the pharmaceutical solutions marketplace while diversifying its customer base and expanding into the clinical trial space. RxSolutions customers will benefit from TrialCard’s market access capabilities and state-of-the-art technology. In December 2018, TrialCard achieved the coveted ISO 27001 certification, the gold standard in data security. TrialCard also offers TC Synapse™, a full suite of risk mitigation and compliance solutions, which includes co-pay accumulator program mitigation and pharmacy fraud detection.

“We are excited to announce this agreement, which brings together two well-respected, Triangle-based organizations,” said Mark Bouck, President and CEO of TrialCard. “This acquisition advances TrialCard’s vision to diversify and enhance our service offerings to our customers. We are very impressed with the business that RxSolutions has built and the culture they have maintained. RxSolutions is a great fit for TrialCard due to its affordability programs, longstanding presence in this space, and commitment to the patient.”

“I would like to thank the entire RxSolutions team for all that we have accomplished and the inroads that we’ve made into the clinical trial space,” said Tom Heck, President of RxSolutions. “We feel like the opportunity to join forces with a market leader like TrialCard is in the best interests of the brands that we support and the patients that we serve.”

About TrialCard

TrialCard Incorporated provides patient affordability, medication access and adherence, and patient support services on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Founded in 2000, TrialCard has connected over 30 million patients with nearly $12 billion in branded drug savings to date. The company is headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina. For more information about TrialCard, please visit the Resources page.

About RxSolutions

RxSolutions is a privately held niche company based in Raleigh, North Carolina, with partners and clients in the pharmaceutical industry across the United States. With more than 20 years’ experience, RxSolutions is known for its timely, personalized service and dedication to customer care. For more information about RxSolutions, please visit