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4Wall Entertainment Lighting to Purchase Assets of ELS

Los Angeles, CA- 4Wall Entertainment Lighting, a national provider of stage and theatrical lighting services, has reached an agreement to purchase the assets of Los Angeles-based Entertainment Lighting Services (ELS).

ELS, established in 1991 by founder John Chuck, is well known for providing lighting rentals, system integration, and special event production services.

Chuck said about the deal, "During my lengthy career in this industry, I've seen few companies that meet 4Wall's standards for delivering value to clients. I believe integrating our operations will produce an industry leader with unmatched capabilities and service."

In addition to adding a significant amount of inventory to its current 4Wall Los Angeles location, 4Wall will also be adding the talented ELS staff that made the company what it is today.

"ELS has an earned reputation of quality and dependability in multiple areas of the lighting industry. Integrating their team with the 4Wall brand will strengthen us and allow us to better serve the Los Angeles market," said 4Wall CEO Kathy Torjman. "Adding the assets and services of ELS to our current Los Angeles operation is a great fit."

4Wall will also be integrating ELS Productions, a special events services division, expanding the capabilities of 4Wall into this growing niche. "I am very pleased to continue working in the event business and to help establish and grow ELS Productions within 4Wall," said Chuck.

Torjman concurred, saying, "We're excited to build upon the success ELS Productions has had in the special event and production space. Bringing on the ELS special events and premieres team, and all of their experience, will enhance our services across multiple markets and introduce us to an entirely new clientele moving forward."